‘I like those times most of all’ Early went on, after another lull of fire-gazing. ‘When the Lord and me travel on beasts, through the empty Zone. We camp in the forest. Catch fish. Sometimes the Lord tries to teach me the Imperial. Sometimes he reads to me. I bad at lessons. I didn’t follow what he reads. But it feels good, hearing his voice. Away from the Pure MarChosin, and the armies, the barracks, the Pure soldiers. Just the Lord and me. It is good to sleep under the stars in summer. It is good to be with a great man. I loved to hear him read to me. And not the battles, not the wars, not his Rank with other Pure ones – none of those things – but hearing him read. Then, I know the Lord is a great man. Just hearing him read, Zysoshin.’

Excerpt from Fire House, Volume 6 of Dustless