Lord Akzasosan is performing SeriaYi, the formal recounting of an episode from one’s life

‘…I don’t know. Lord Marsodor, my master of SenZatsu, the art of the killing edge, had told me, as I have recalled, that of the three acts of killing, killing itself is simple. This is RoMayZine philosophy: they have a different understanding. In one sense, it seems true: killing a man is simple. The metal enters him and exits him; and between the zuth entering and exiting, the man turns from flesh to dust. It can take an instant. But Master Marsodor also said that the first and third killing acts are complex, difficult. I have always supposed that the first act of killing is the will to kill, an act inseparable from the events leading up to the simple act itself. The nature of the third killing act – the act that follows the killing – is perhaps the most enigmatic and strange: after a killing, what action can you take? Of this, the third killing act, my Master did not speak.’

 Excerpt from Flowing House, Volume 7 of Dustless