‘…I have heard that there are many wonderful cities in the unimaginable spaces of the SolTanZoZon,’ the hermit was saying, ‘but it is difficult for me to believe there is a more beautiful city on earth than LuinZirQuil. It stands upon an intricate harbour, the entrance to which is guarded by two immense headlands; and once the oceanic waters pass through the promontories, they run unfolding into a series of bays, which in turn give birth to smaller coves and inlets, to form a ceaselessly involving landscape, and it is around this complex organism of waters that LuinZirQuil has developed since Ancient days.

Carved from its own sandstone, it is a city of slopes and hills. Wherever you walk in ZirQuil, the city opens up for you, in an endless necklace of vistas, a sense of perpetual variation. It is as if ZirQuil seeks always to surprise and energise you: it seems almost to rotate itself without your needing to move, and with every slight shift of angle, reveals another loveliness waiting to be explored. It is a city of crannies and nooks, niches of vision, tumbled and wayward. The climate is benign, and summer is long there. Sometimes, enfolded in an unfamiliar district, walking along a maze of lanes, from the top of a slope, you will turn a hot corner and glance down the street to find a flash of water where the land reaches into the sparkling grasp of a bay, and where a wooden terminal may stand, and people will be gathered, waiting for a ferry…

Yes. Yes, it is like that…’ Sokosozuin murmured, with a strange, sad excitement, as if he were discovering something new, or finding that his memory, certain muscles of which he hadn’t used for many years, still worked, giving him powers he had forgotten…

Excerpt from Comb, Volume 8 of Dustless

Land | SolTanZoZon | literally “Pure • Simple • Way • Place”. The “Empire of the pure Way”, or the “pure Way state”. The area of land between the BisMarian mountains in the east, and the Surean Ocean in the west. Also known, colloquially, as “the empire”, or “the Western Lands”. And further, known more formally as “the Land of O“, or simply as “O“, meaning “the land of everything”, or “the only land”. map
Clan | Sokosozuin | the name follows the classical clan style: Soko-so-zuin, “Soko, son of Zuin”. enhance