In a remote province of the Desolate Cantons, two exiles meet, and speak of decisions, speak of war.

One describes a duel with the King of Swords, fought in a world where only games are real.

The other describes life by the actual sword, in a place humanity may be cast off: the Place of No Footsteps, infamous Zone of the Forbidden.

These two lords tell of their very different battles, of the will to survive, of a struggle to endure among the living, and not to join Death and the ranks of His vast armies of dust.

To each lord, battle brings a kind of liberty, freedom from a world of laws, a victory for intense life.

Yet, in the end, when their battles are over, have they not simply drawn closer to joining Death, to stepping in and marching forever with His forces of silence and of vanishing?


Precis of Flowing House, Volume 7 of Dustless

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