If the matter is pure, then the way of proceeding must be pure.

There can be no weakness added to the matter by proceeding falsely with it.

If the matter is pure, and true, and cold, and strong, and possesses weight, any attempt to alleviate those qualities must be resisted.

If the matter possesses purity, even if, understood from a different vantage, it is flawed, the purity is unflawed, and the way of proceeding must be flawless.

What are the methods of proceeding falsely?

They are to do with trivial desires: wealth, fame, idolisation, vain power over others, arrogance of enduring.

If the matter is pure, the servants of the matter must be clear of their way of proceeding, for it is possible to erode, through unclear and uncertain forms of dedication, where motives enter murk and enigma, the purity.

If the matter is death, for example: say, a person was dying before your eyes. If you were to laugh, and be carefree, and turn away, then death would be lighter, lack the proper devastation that is its remit.

If the matter is love, for example: say, you were to hold to your lover, declaring love, but secretly, within, were cool and empty, incapable of caring, then love would be diluted, lack the fierce currents that are its movement, the ground it builds beneath the ground.

Impure ways of proceeding? Treacherous servants? Servants too much quicksilver, too insecure for holding on?

Admiration of self: beware of servants who commit themselves too much to mirrors.

Feckless: beware of servants who throw themselves too much to the breeze, take glitter for substance, lack duration.

Crowd-hung: beware of servants who hang too much upon the hems of droning crowds, live by the laws of tinkle, trinket, junket and tittle-tattle.

Weak: beware of servants incapable of holding on, too prone to detour, too glass of spine, and of proceeding, too butterfly.

Such servants will not endure, will not brave the way of pure proceeding, but will fall away, or not even serve at all, too dedicated to their own flaws, too blind to serve a greater vision.

And the proud? Who think it a chore and a demeaning to serve? They are the most trivial of all, incapable of grasping a true purpose, of submitting to a real way: they are slaves to mirrors, never looking up beyond the edge of the frame, into the forest or, up, above the tops of the trees, into the irreproachable mutness of the blue sky.

If the matter is pure, and true, and cold, and strong, and possesses weight, and endless dimension, and harnesses the teams of horses of dreams, and goes on, relentlessly, without deviation left or right, but is perfect even in the garments of its flaws, any attempt to alleviate those qualities must be resisted.

For the Dustless cannot be maintained by servants of dust.

If you are to proceed, proceed truly. Serve and know: by being humbled, rise; in losing, be found.

For in the outcast lies the guest.

Be no one. Be dust. Be all.

And when the great moment comes

be Dustless.