After the fall of the LateAncients, the world of O-yon falls into a chaos of competing scripts and tongues | An immeasurable period of time passes, known as the Clouded Era | A world geographically separated into east and west by an immense range of mountains, O-yon (like any human place) is divided and fragmented through language || It is through the languages of the western lands – the ‘Land of O’ – that language itself is graded, arranged and understood.

Towards the end of the Clouded Era – in a time known as the Era of Rival Clans – a dynasty arises in the great Metallic city of Shar, and a man ascends the Five Thousand Steps to the sacred precincts of the SuMu, where he sits on the Butterfly Throne and is crowned Emperor – ShionDoShion, ‘the lord who watches over the lords’, the Dustless One. This man takes the dynastic name of Jara-so-zirma I, and lays claim to the whole of the western lands | Over this region, the Dustless One declares that the Sharian language will rule as the single script and tongue | The language of the LateAncients will be translated only into the Sharian language, none other | This language – once a mere dialect of the Ixoan language – is known as the ‘cursive’ tongue, uses a letter-based script, which thus distinguishes it from the ideogrammatic language of the LateAncients, and the hypergrammatic language of the Ancients.

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