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Suppression of cults

Permit him the void

Inadvertent fear of music

The sickness or the Shepherds

And the ten grams, rising up the tower to the Dustless state:
1st chen
| Gram of Natal Crimson
2nd chen | Gram of the Pink of Breaking Dawn
3rd chen | Gram of the Pale Green of the Leaves of Spring Willows
4th chen | Gram of the Dark Green of Mountain Pines
5th chen | Gram of the Turquoise Waves of the Bay of Moments
6th chen | Gram of the Blue of a Midnight in Autumn
7th chen | Gram of the Pale Silver of a Winter Moon
8th chen | Gram of the Golden Light of Summer Dusk
9th chen | Gram of the Black of Eclipsed Suns
10th chen | Gram of the White of Drifting Clouds

Be Dustless…



Power over the dust

Climb the vegetable staircase, meet the King of Dreams

White map to a secret world

Key of silence to a hidden building

Great thought wrapping little skulls

Dustless 5000 for a happy death

Be Dustless…

Dustless | Volume 9

It is said, among certain Marks within the ZirCong, that “the universe has already occurred: it has completed its cycle, and returned to the void. Therefore, why hurry in our lives? They ended, long, long ago”.

If it is true, and the book of this world is already complete, how can we know whether we are near the beginning, or the middle, or the end of the text?

Since the rise of the RoMayZine and SurGaKu dynasties, and the retreat of the ZirCong from influence over terrestrial power, TanZo has put away all such theories of completed days and events already concluded. For the TanZo of these present times, it is considered a deviation from the Way to speculate overmuch upon events yet to transpire, or to sacrifice the present to a possible world to come.

Huddled in their great Metallic mansions, though, the houses of the ZirCong, their ancient bloodlines woven by ShoKun, the Mark of the Hatching Egg, do they still cleave to those old, discredited beliefs? And if so, has their power over the dusts of the mind permitted them some sense of a world to come, yet already over? Down what cerebral corridors may they move, inside what rooms may they sit and listen, straining to hear some faint echoes of futurity?

Dustless is one of the longest novels ever written.

It is divided into 27 volumes. The volumes are given by title below, and those linked are available from Amazon.

Volume 1 | The Sentinels
Volume 2 | The Tower
Volume 3 | Stories in the Falling Snow
Volume 4 | The Dwellings [i]
Volume 5 | The Dwellings [ii]
Volume 6 | Fire House
Volume 7 | Flowing House
Volume 8 | Comb
Volume 9 | Mask [i]
Volume 10 | Mask [ii]
Volume 11 | Mask [iii]
Volume 12 | Mask [iv]
Volume 13 | River Direction
Volume 14 | The Governor of the Desolate Cantons
Volume 15 | For Pride in their Flight
Volume 16 | The Lover in the Snow [i]
Volume 17 | The Lover in the Snow [ii]
Volume 18 | The Lover in the Snow [iii]
Volume 19 | The Lover in the Snow [iv]
Volume 20 | The Lover in the Snow [v]
Volume 21 | Master Darkness [i]
Volume 22 | Master Darkness [ii]
Volume 23 | Master Darkness [iii]
Volume 24 | Master Darkness [iv]
Volume 25 | Master Darkness [v]
Volume 26 | Master Darkness [vi]
Volume 27 | Coda


“Unless all is known, nothing is known”

For those who toil among the dusts, vision is clouded: the world is a complex thing, without end, without beginning, a maze of thoughts and senses. Many do not even recognise their own state, or see that they are things of vapour, their lives scattered in a drift of atoms, prey to the accidents of flesh, illusion and time.

Others, though, realising the limits of their perceptions, and grasping the darkness of their condition, set out upon the Way – the TanZo. These ones seek illumination, entering the Still Building of their minds, undergoing the beautiful, arduous training of the wise, taught by skilled monks, bonded by the Marks and clans.

This is a serious matter, not without danger. Of those who enter the Building, not all return, for it is an infinite place, layered with worlds: disaster can lie there. Some return, having failed to reach the desired state; and, disappointed, set their lives back to the old rot and game, or settle for a compromised existence – these ones are like barbarians, and have little to concern us. Some succeed in part, achieving a kind of illumination, to live in harmony and tranquility, their minds light and their spirits at ease.

Yet, what do they really know, these ones, who are considered pure? Have they actually escaped all the confusions of the days of floating and dreaming? Are they truly fit to bow before His Majesty, the emperor of all the cantons, the Dustless One himself? Who can say? For creatures made of dust, what does it mean, to achieve “the state beyond all states”? What might you see, in the darkness of the Still Building, if you are illuminated? What does it mean, to become Dustless?

Volume 1 | The Sentinels
Far to the east and north of the empire, there are roads untravelled for years. Here a sentinel keeps watch over the road. What is the purpose of such vigilance? To a true sentinel, any tanzo is the TanZo: any road is the Way; and a man of TanZo will always be vigilant, even if those who charged him to keep watch have long ago forgotten his existence…

Unfathomably remote, this is a world unto itself, a polluted and a desperate land, which surely even the Dustless One has abandoned. Yet, even here, where so much is dying, life is stirring. What is it? And how will it grow?

Please explore…

Dustless | Volume 1

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Dustless | Volume 1 | The Sentinels

The Governor of the Desolate Cantons

ZirCong emperors

One crime | One punishment

103 of the Years of Dust

The vigilance of a separate order

Shrouded depths of the Era of Clouds

An episode of immense blood

Prophecies of the hermit in the Sea of Trees

All bow unknowing to the purpose of the Metallic ones…

Dustless | Volume 9

Imagine what it’s like to be Zysoshin, a small boy torn away from his father and sister – the only people he had ever known. Taken by a strange warrior lord from the outskirts of an empire where no soul had passed before. Discover why he is feared by this lord, and explore a vast empire that Zysoshin never knew existed. Journey with him to the heart of the empire and learn, as Zysoshin learns, of an even greater power that exists within the endless Still Building of the mind.

Imagine / Taken / Discover / Journey

Dustless | Volume 1

Dustless Volume 1 | US
Dustless Volume 1 | UK