How subtle, this world of ours:
threads of thought for spiders and for stars.
Upon a single breath all life depends.
Upon each snowflake glides the avalanche.

Dustless | Volume 1

Dustless | Volume 1 on Kindle


Dustless is a unique novel, almost 3.5 million words long. Less a conventional narrative than an open-ended literary world, it nevertheless pursues two main stories: the first, the journey of a group of riders across a vast empire; the second, the journey of one of those riders, a young boy, Zysoshin, into the infinite world of the mind, to a state where, ultimately, the imagination is able to construct reality.

The excerpt above comes from Volume 18: The lover in the snow [iii]. This volume features an encounter between Syon Keto, an official of ShimThet – the empire’s “police of heaven”, responsible for maintaining spiritual order within the state – and the disgraced lord (and one of the heroes of Dustless), Akzasosan Suli. As cultured members of the aristocracy, both men find it natural to express themselves in poetry. Keto uses this poem both to illustrate a point, but also perhaps as a subtle threat to Akzasosan…