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Heavier than a thousand suns, lighter than an atom…

Slowly, slowly climbing the stairs in the vegetable palace of the King of Dreams, winding and winding gradually higher…

On the Siloso, the circular river, where the Lord my father standing at the rail of a fragile cruiser, among the crowds of craft, is a swan among gulls…

In a garden in the pleasure district of Shigoga, where I drew my sword and fought the famous duel of bubbles: those girls in their sumptuous robes giggling and sniggering, heads rocking and eyes blinking, lush and retarded, spirits sunken and sluggish as they float on the stream of the prince’s soul-stealing intoxicants

To arrive in a room in the Ghosts-of-Angels Palace, to look through the window on the chamber where snow is eternally falling from an invisible ceiling, and where, it is rumoured, sometimes a hunter may be seen, sometimes a lord looking lost in winter

To the children with their little books, to the limited ones with their little dreams: left

We moved on through the crow-haunted wastes of the Desolate Cantons, met a warrior with nose broken in his youth, half an angel and half a boxer, smoked his pipe of raw kaziah, left us all to the sleep of the doomed

Heavier than a falling moon, lighter than a single feather floating from the wing of a jester hummingbird purring among the sulphur-throated blossoms of dark orange night-scenting hibiscus

In the scales, the throne of O, set against a single finger’s caress

To be in the regal state beyond the laws

What would you choose?

To be everyone and no one

To be there to feel her touch, to be

so softly undressed

To be high

To be fine

To be Dustless



It is given to few people to be there when mountains begin to rise.

And to fewer people, patience to watch the mountains as they grow, presenting their great heights to the sky.

Fewer people still are there at the end, when the mountains are fully risen.

It takes a kind of courage, and a true spirit of endurance, to venture into mountain country.

And to be the first to venture there, to watch the mountains as they form, not knowing how they will grow, how high they will soar, it is the gift of independence, and a kind of courage, too, will single these people out.

Later, perhaps, many will say: Oh, yes, we were there, at the beginning. We knew. We always knew…

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Atoms of a dream

Cardboard box containing typescript proofs of a number of volumes of Dustless, 2009.