Who is the young one there?
A figure in silks hooded, veiled
beside her house?

I love the world in winter:
the land frozen, and the steadfast ice.
But who is the young one there,
shaking loose snowflakes from his parasol?

Of the two of us, who is the true lover? The one
who yearns for the white stillness
of pure winter?
Or the one who,
green and quickening,
is faithless with a growing change?

Who is the lover in the snow?

Towards the end of an English summer. When the days begin to shorten, and there is less time on the bike (your shadow 10 metres long on the path through the country, with the sun going down behind you): so, with autumn and winter, writing begins to loom larger again. But still, in the heat, now, there is snow, written perhaps 10 years or more ago.


[from Dustless | Volume 16 / The Lover in the Snow [i]

Unless all is known, nothing is known:

Volume 1 | The Sentinels


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