…Zy heard a song coming from an open air café, set among gardens on the edge of the SietTon.

…oh, do not leave me so soon,
but allow sleep to take you back again
into the morning, and let the sun rise alone.

When the world of dreams is so beautiful,
why struggle to wake?
For once the day’s long labour is over, after all,
you will only sleep again.

I do believe, the world itself, the planets and the stars
in their hearts all crave to sleep,
that sleep is the deep desire
of all things.

So rest, my love, here with me.
When all of life is just a wheel of dreams,
let us choose the dreams of sleep
and not of waking
to make ourselves complete…

It took Zy some time to work his way around the café…

Excerpt from Master Darkness [iv] | Volume 24 of Dustless

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