Suppression of cults

Permit him the void

Inadvertent fear of music

The sickness or the Shepherds

And the ten grams, rising up the tower to the Dustless state:
1st chen
| Gram of Natal Crimson
2nd chen | Gram of the Pink of Breaking Dawn
3rd chen | Gram of the Pale Green of the Leaves of Spring Willows
4th chen | Gram of the Dark Green of Mountain Pines
5th chen | Gram of the Turquoise Waves of the Bay of Moments
6th chen | Gram of the Blue of a Midnight in Autumn
7th chen | Gram of the Pale Silver of a Winter Moon
8th chen | Gram of the Golden Light of Summer Dusk
9th chen | Gram of the Black of Eclipsed Suns
10th chen | Gram of the White of Drifting Clouds

Be Dustless…

Dustless | Volume 1
Dustless | Volume 1
is approximately 20 pp./a5

status | published 11 02 2013

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