Dustless | Volume 21 | Master Darkness [i]

Consider the butterfly, a sermon of form. They are not now what they once were; what they will be, they are not now. Form is temporary, they tell us.

Darkness in darkness, a greater darkness where a lesser darkness lies.

Darkness, like light, takes different forms, attains different intensities.

There is a darkness: not the darkness of a clouded moon; not the darkness of a broken lantern; not the darkness of a midnight grove; not the darkness of a long-quiet grave; not a darkness plunged away from the sun, lying abysmal in the silence of massive trenches, cut far down into the deepest ocean floor — not a darkness connected to light at all.

No gods created it, and no reason may order it: no journey commute it: no wealth tame it: no army submit it: no word seduce it.

Yet in this darkness, there is life.

But what kind of life?…