Dustless | Volume 22 | Master Darkness [ii]

Please, Little Demon, don’t come near.
We know that you’re lonely, but don’t come here.

Brilliant days. The summer high and the sun hot over a fertile land.

Travelling in stately retinue, along a road famous for its beauty, through a country long civilised, overlooked by castle towns that seem to sleep deeply, as if digesting all their past millennia of brutal years.

Brilliant, dazzling, golden days.

Yet there is a Building in the mind, contains a darkness far more dazzling than any light that can be given out by a mere sun.

Travelling through that Building, across weird distances of time and space, what sights may be seen, what strangers encountered?

When the darkness is brighter than any light, what shadows may be cast?

In a night beyond the passage of the sun and moon, a night unmeasurable by calendars and a wheel of stars, what lengths of time may pass? Is there a morning beyond this night?

Brilliant days.