Dustless | Volume 23 | Master Darkness [iii]

The mind is magic. We should not be surprised, then, when a mind behaves magically.

Travelling across an ancient land, burning under an ancient sun.

Through towns thousands of years old, long past the peak of their glory, peaceful in their backwaters, and gently mouldering in the hot light of summer.

Towards the sacred centre of the world, the imperial capital, through rugged country: snakes, bears, monkeys… fireflies…

A malicious enemy, and a dangerous friend.

A fickle servant, and a powerful one.

A haunted mind, in a haunted country, in a haunted world.

Most people are people of dust, and dust is their only destiny. Their lives are warm, gross, limited: they cling to their dust, and dust is all they need and know.

Some though – a tiny elite – seek to free themselves of their own dust, and grow Dustless. And to be Dustless, one must be prepared to deal with ghosts.

But must they also become ghosts? Is to live as Dustless, to die, yet to live on?