Dustless | Volume 17 | The Lover in the Snow [ii]

Then we shall go down into Death together…

Return is in the air.

An immortal voice speaks. A voice silent for so long, perhaps for centuries… — but what are centuries, for one who has no need of time, for one designed purely for eternity?

A cool, androgynous spirit. It hears a cry of help, and comes. But what does the visitor want in exchange for its aid? Can it be trusted? And is the bargain it demands a fair one?

The terrestrial world is made of dust, for creatures of dust: mortals, with limited time, and limited vision. Is there, though, another world, reserved for those who no longer have a use for death?

Who might walk such a celestial world? And can human beings, with all their limitations, walk with them through their alien realm?

And the masters of this immortal place? Are these, the Dustless?