Dustless | Volume 17 | The Lover in the Snow [ii]

Then we shall go down into Death together…

Return is in the air.

An immortal voice speaks. A voice silent for so long, perhaps for centuries… — but what are centuries to you, if you have no need of time, are designed purely for eternity?

What words are these it says? What acts to be performed? What promises exacted? What promises made?

What bonds are forged?

We have entered the stages of “one with power”. Between the mortal world — terrestrial — and the immortal world — celestial — some course must be contrived. A path, difficult to discover. A Way, winding, enigmatic, taxing to follow.

The mortal world is made of dust, for creatures of dust. The celestial world, that is for immortal creatures, creatures who no longer have a use for death — the Dustless.

What might happen, though, should creatures of dust find themselves wandering through a Dustless world? Which road did they take to get there? And, once lost, can they find their road home?