Dustless | Volume 20 | The Lover in the Snow [v]

Forget me for a few hours, but, Sweetheart, don’t forget me forever…

A storm has brought them together under one roof, and there they listen to a tale, which itself is like a storm — a long time building, and a sudden breaking.

Extraordinary scenes. Among the palaces and mansions of the imperial capital, the homes of great ladies and of potent princes; and among seedy retreats and low bars, where songbirds flutter, and the invisible perform; in locations, famous across the fifty cantons, which every Pure sightseer should wish to visit; and in dubious backwaters, quarters reserved for the purposes of pleasure, which any Pure sightseer should fastidiously avoid.

It is a tale of mismatch and misadventure, of glory lost and glory found. A tale where the carnality of dust may sometimes seem to give rise to a truly Dustless spirit, where fragile wisdom results from acts of wilful stupidity and destructive care.

It is a story of romance, a story of enslavement, and all the usual paraphernalia of such things: trust, and broken trust, loyalty, betrayal, and a violent end.

It is a story, ultimately, of love in the snow.

And then spring comes, and the snow melts…