The world is simple. It is human beings that are complex. Living is simple, or should be — and dying, too. But we bring our complexities to life, and so life becomes complex. Let’s face it — it’s a mess.

A tree does not consider its growing. A hawk has no morals. Stones do not agonise. Water obeys the laws of the world so perfectly, it is free of all laws. But a human being? No: we are bound by the laws we make, and the laws we make are complex.

Complication! It’s what we’re good at. To start with something pure and unadulterated, and by dizzying jumps and pointless crabwise scuttling, by doubt, by flimsy and ethereal speculation, by the fumes and vapours of persuasive dreams, by wanting, by desiring, we start to make it difficult.

We bring agreement, and disagreement. We bring identity, character, difference. We conjure opinion from our ignorance, and from our opinion, if things really get out of hand, we bring war!

War! From an opinion!

Now, I like war, as any RoMayZine should do. Battle is our element. Living is struggle — all good! But it is not TanZo. It is not the Way. It is the way to the Way. In order to get to a pure and simple life, in other words, we go by the route of a dirty and complicated process, a path of burning and murder.

Only human beings live like this! By destroying our way to peace. What a joke!

Yet, it has to be done. We RoMayZine understand. For if we didn’t go to war to protect the Way, the barbarians would allow the Way itself to wither and fade. And then the world could never be simple again.

Complications! It’s what we’re good at!

— From “The Yinchi Journal” of Lord Kunsoma Saro, from the Era of the Completed Circle, Year 547 of the Paper Epoch