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Dustless | Volume 10 | Mask [ii]

…where things give up the limits of themselves, and become revealed for what they are, the drifting envelopes of dust…

Through an immense arboreal forest, travellers make their way, and the world prepares for a universal festival.

Villages put on their finest shows. The temples are decked with ornaments, banners proclaim the beauty of the sutras, pay homage to a far-off emperor.

The roads become tracks, and the tracks become paths. Paths narrow, and the trees press in. There are only small settlements: there is much wilderness. The prospect of safety dwindles. The chance of misdirection grows.

As in the world, so in the head: one traveller takes off his flesh, enters the vegetable labyrinth of the mind, and wanders in smoke and dreams ethereal palaces, the banks of fertile rivers, the streets of unending cities…

Although form is dust, the way to the Dustless state must be by form. To hold a glance, there must be a face: to look out, one must have eyes.

If the face in the mirror is a mask, what lies behind the skin? If the person inside the mirror is invisible, what is there left to see?

Dustless | Volume 10
is approximately 270 pp./a5

status | published 01 02 2017

Australia | Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
| Dustless | Volume 10
US | Dustless | Volume 10

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) | B01MUHBCWN



What is the sound of a thought passing in mind? Snow falling on water…

Volume 7 | Flowing House


Dustless | Volume 7 is approximately 250 pp./a5

status | to be published 04 02 2015

UK | Dustless | Volume 7  |||–––––|||  US | Dustless | Volume 7

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) | B00T7XBVWM