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Dustless | Volume 16 | The Lover in the Snow [i]

Even an unfixed and unstable star still gives out light.

They seek stability, and yet end up floating.

They seek safety, yet remain insecure.

Is this not the state of life? Wise masters of the eras of the past have said: In ambiguity is immortality — but in certainty, only death.

Never still, and yet asleep, they drift on. Waters of beautiful Adomikan blue, so striking against the whiteness of the winter snows. Long-legged herons, with wings outspread; a swirl of currents, water in water flowing; mist in the morning; and at noon, a sharp cold clarity, good for seeing: a world more ancient than the worlds of humanity. High towers, in the distance, reminders of the empire’s order. Fallen statues, the woods alive with the rumours of ghosts. Lost civilisations.

Trade and passage, barter and debt: work in a day for some; for others, luxury of play to pass the long hours.

An obdurate foe. An exquisite ally.

Delirium. Haunting figures.

A great secret, hidden within the mind. And hidden within the secret, a new world: mysterious, irrational, infinite — Dustless.


Dustless | Volume 15 | For Pride in Their Flight

…boys chasing dragonflies
are lost in a moment
and their lives are too short
for pride in their flight

A city haunted by a decaying future.

Collapse is everywhere. Many flee. Grappling with failing structures, those who remain live out an uncertain present, their options narrowing, resources dwindling.

Because a heart can be numbered in moments, the citizens sense their fragile state: their famous city grows everyday more precarious. They look anxiously across the great river: from the east, forces approach, a new master rising, bringing a new law, creating an old fear.

For certain visitors, there is no choice: rest must be taken, healing sought, time killed. Although devastation is in progress, days are spent sightseeing the immortal glories of the ancient centre, enjoying the culture even as it falls under the shadow of an approaching end.

Among the Subtle and the wise, it is said: Only those who are able to stand alone can be truly loyal. Yet disorder and extreme events drive even the strongest heroes to surrender their isolation.

In the forges of the Ancient smiths, even the purest metals must give up their qualities, and melt, and blend with alien elements.

Weird alliances are formed: and dear pride compromised away.

Will it be enough? Will it be too much?



Dustless | Volume 14 | The Governor of the Desolate Cantons

…I will be a bridge to you, and you will be a bridge to me

Where old power breaks down, new power is sought. Where old leaders vanish, new leaders appear. Where old weakness is shown, new strength emerges.

Across cantons known as “the Desolate”, the tenuous order of a negligent regime dissolves. The hollow core collapses: in the ruins, a wild vacuum forms. People flee in disarray, leaving no authority: so strangers arrive, prepared to use violence, and good at it.

These are the days of assassins, the days of rats and crows.

A sleigh of bones, carrying a fairy-tale emperor. A thread of black metal, denying the road. A child made of snow, born from weeping. Wolves! Gloom in the mid-day sun: and at night, on the horizon, the light of an incinerating city apes the dawn.

A great bloodshed: a bloodshed like a sea.

How can such obstacles be crossed? How may we be lifted above them, carried beyond them?

A bridge is needed…


Dustless | Volume 13 | River direction

…the universe power round device time fail I speak it dust enters decay must follow replace the universe power round device time fail I speak it dust enters decay must follow replace the universe power…

They come at last to a place of imperial power, where the eye of the emperor sees, and his soldiers guard the Way.

In a fortress of voices, where it is said there are no ghosts, aid is sought, and the release from burdens.

They witness strange technology at work, devices that pull apart the curtains of the flesh, revealing the play of organs and the show of pain: the visible is made invisible, and vice versa.

A journey is a thing made, a house built of footsteps, a temple raised on riding horses. But the building of the journey can’t be seen, except as a trail of hoof prints in freshly fallen snow, coins and receipts handed over, towels and bedding to be washed, wisps of breath vaporizing in the freezing air…

For those engaged on a journey, all places become a function of direction: once reached, any destination must be left behind; and thus at once sets out on its transformation into memory — a material that cannot be touched and cannot last.

Day after day, the journey renders its world and itself invisible, and the travellers go on, drawn to the west, where a great city and a great river awaits.


Dustless | Volume 12 | Mask [iv]

Oh, well – what is their world, after all…? Look at it. A thing of make-believe and shallows, when all is said and done.

At the turning of the year, great festivities. The eating of rich foods, drinking of fine spirits, the gathering of large crowds: pyrotechnics, processions and the putting on of shows.

Under the bright lights of the ceremony, we are dressed in our finery, display our best appearance, and perform for each other: we stage the end of a dying year, the start of a new play and a new season.

Across the entire empire, village streets, town squares, city plazas, all are changed to theatre, and people let go of their ordinary lives, and join with each other, taking turns to deliver lines, or to stand in the audience and observe.

But away from the dazzling playhouse lights, distant from the crowds? In the shadows of the alleys, is there a different drama being performed? What scenes may occur where no one witnesses?

And in the darkness, when it is hard to see, sometimes we can become confused, and grow unsure if a mask is on or off — if a mask has become a face, or a face a mask.

And should the play of murder start?…


Dustless | Volume 11 | Mask [iii]

It’s here – in the room – right here! Oh!

In a village huddled on the Endless Plains, on the eve of a great festival, villagers keep their vigil through the winter night. To pass the hours, they distract themselves with stories and games.

Terrible forces may assemble in quiet places. In the intricate designs on forbidden cards, strange figures emerge. Creations of an ancient culture, no longer understood, but profoundly revered: on the floor of time’s pool, forces stir, sending currents upwards, causing the calm surface to tremble and swirl, marking the present with ripples and shadows.

Peering into the world of a mysterious system, playing with the fire of unknown powers, the villagers entertain a masked guest. But who is he? And what may be seen should the mask fall off?


Dustless | Volume 10 | Mask [ii]

…where things give up the limits of themselves, and become revealed for what they are, the drifting envelopes of dust…

Not only people wear masks: nature, too, embroiders to dissimulate, and paints in beauty what may in naked moments kill.

A pretty golden-eye thrush upon the branch of an old plum tree, with a song so sweet: it cocks its head, looks for passing bugs, unearthed worms, is an assassin.

And the assassin snake slips out of its skin, and is a new assassin.

Or a white butterfly stares with black and red eyes rounded upon its wings, through a shape of false force seeking to escape the unwelcome attentions of a hunting mantis.

Through an immense arboreal forest, travellers make their way, and the world prepares for a universal festival.

Villages put on their finest shows. The temples are decked with ornaments, banners proclaim the beauty of the sutras, pay homage to a far-off emperor.

The roads become tracks, and the tracks become paths. Paths narrow, and the trees press in. There are only small settlements: there is much wilderness. The prospect of safety dwindles. The chance of misdirection grows.

As in the world, so in the head: one traveller takes off his flesh, enters the vegetable labyrinth of the mind, and in smoke and dreams wanders ethereal palaces, the banks of fertile rivers, the streets of unending cities…

Although form is dust, the way to the Dustless state must be by form. To hold a glance, there must be a face: to look out, one must have eyes.

If the face in the mirror is a mask, what lies behind the skin? If the person inside the mirror is invisible, what is there left to see?


Dustless | Volume 9 | Mask [i]

Brace yourself, and act the man

When truth is in doubt, people wear masks.

The road becomes roads. The journey grows more complex. Travellers begin to lose their way. The longer they live, the more they learn: childhood begins to retreat, and the world, like a great forest, stretches on and on around them, and within them, a wilderness.

In such a world, there are many strangers. Are they truthful? Do the faces they show mirror their hearts? Or do they wear masks?

In such a world of dust, it is hard to become Dustless. In a world of strangers, wearing masks of lies.

Go deeper still into the wilderness: become truly lost. Then look to your comrades: look to the ones you know and love.

They, like you, are creatures of dust. Do even your friends wear masks?

And if so, who are they?

And you?


Dustless | Volume 8 | Comb
It is known as the Still Building.

It is the building reached through the mind: the building of a different world.

But what happens if the world of the mind grows greater than the world outside the mind? And the ordinary life of pebbles and trees, of family, of work, grows dim and unreal? But the illuminated life of the mind grows brilliant and free?

People speak of delusion, of delirium, of madness: but have they ever truly entered the Still Building?

There is an old ZirCong saying: When the mind swallows the world in which the mind lives, that is the beginning of a new truth.

Along a remote road, to the north, in winter, travellers meet with a man who has entered the Still Building, and become lost there.

Can the travellers believe the strange tales they are told of a world reached through delusion, delirium, madness? If you remain in the world of the Building, wandering without end, will you find in there only loss and decay, the same dust that is found in the ordinary world?

Or is the Building greater than the world from which it rose? Might it be Dustless? Might you find inside you the beginning of a new truth?

Dustless | Volume 8

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Volume 1 | The Sentinels


Dustless | Volume 1 is approximately 20 pp./a5

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Dustless | Volume 7 | Flowing House
It is RoMayZine to understand: battle is endless.

Men and women struggle in the act of love, they battle: and in the act of birth, women struggle with their child: they battle. Born, a child struggles with the first blazing of the light: the battle of sight begins, and of all the senses.

Decision is battle: life is fought by decision.

Having won the first light, children battle to see and to grow. Men and women battle to keep their children safe. Death battles to take all the living prisoner, to subdue all armies of life, to grow still greater the already vast armies of dust.

In a remote province of the Desolate Cantons, two exiles meet, and speak of decisions, speak of war.

One describes a duel with the King of Swords. The other describes life by the sword, in a place humanity may be cast off: the Place of No Footsteps.

To each, battle brings a kind of liberty, freedom from a world of laws, a victory for intense life.

Yet, when their battles are over, have they not drawn closer, after all, to joining the ranks of the armies of dust?