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Dustless | Volume 8 | Comb
It is known as the Still Building.

It is the building reached through the mind: the building of a different world.

But what happens if the world of the mind grows greater than the world outside the mind? And the ordinary life of pebbles and trees, of family, of work, grows dim and unreal? But the illuminated life of the mind grows brilliant and free?

People speak of delusion, of delirium, of madness: but have they ever truly entered the Still Building?

There is an old ZirCong saying: When the mind swallows the world in which the mind lives, that is the beginning of a new truth.

Along a remote road, to the north, in winter, travellers meet with a man who has entered the Still Building, and become lost there.

Can the travellers believe the strange tales they are told of a world reached through delusion, delirium, madness? If you remain in the world of the Building, wandering without end, will you find in there only loss and decay, the same dust that is found in the ordinary world?

Or is the Building greater than the world from which it rose? Might it be Dustless? Might you find inside you the beginning of a new truth?

Dustless | Volume 8

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Volume 1 | The Sentinels


Dustless | Volume 1 is approximately 20 pp./a5

status | published 11 02 2013

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The nature of sight cannot be seen by a blind person. Nor can the nature of blindness be seen by a blind person. By the same token, the nature of blindness cannot be seen by a person with sight, nor the nature of seeing by a person who can see.

Only a person who has been blind, and then sees, understands the nature of sight and of blindness.

Only a person who has seen, and is then made blind, understands the nature of blindness and sight.

The Building that resides in all people is mysterious.

Most people never even realise the Building exists within them at all. They are either blind, or seeing: they are limited ones.

They are ignorant, even of the fact that they are ignorant. They are like blind people, or people who have always only ever been able to see.

Only those who grasp the limits of their ignorance, that they are ignorant, may start on the way that leads to the Building.

Only those who have been blind, and then see, may realise that, as seeing was beyond blindness, so there is a condition beyond seeing.

Similarly, only those who could see, but are then struck blind, may grasp, through the loss, the illusion of their seeing, the limits of sight.

The Building that resides in all people is mysterious.

In order to understand, one must first cease to know.

Dustless | Volume 9