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For all those of High Rank, two blades will they bear • and the bearing will be peace and responsibility * The signs of these blades are the warnings of war • and along the killing edge of these swords, lies the division of life from death * Those of High Rank must bear the heavy weight of war • reminding us always that along the edge of a blade, all move * The High must endlessly cut peace from war • and endlessly refrain from using the blades that they bear * And this will be a sign of purity * And in purity there is no one…

From Dustless, Volume 19 | The Lover in the Snow [iv]

Re-post | Originally posted October 2014

Be Dustless…

Dustless | Volume 9

You did not wait for me.
Beneath the walls of the Temple of Ashes,
swallows flew low, screaming at dusk.

You did not wait for me.
At noon, the sun shone over the city,
and the rooftiles glittered like the scales of fish.

You did not wait for me.
In the morning, the river flowed slowly
as it always flows, being great and without end.

You did not wait for me.
At night, in the Utomi Gardens,
I saw red fireflies light the hair of a Lady of Shar.

Red fireflies float above the river with no end.
The river makes no sound, flowing slowly.
You did not wait for me.

The sun glared upon the roof of the Temple of Ashes,
where swallows hunted all day, and at dusk, flew low.
You did not wait for me.

In error, hoping, I merely turn the wheel of dreams,
and my life is without peace.

The wheel of dreams seems easy to turn,
yet leads only to exhaustion and pain.

Upon you, I hang the wheel of dreams:
you are the axis of all illusion.

You could not even wait for me,
one day, by the Red Gate, while I ran there, dreaming.

And still, I wait for you.

Formal song, from The lover in the snow (iv) | Volume 19 of Dustless