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Of course, I had always taken great pride in the crest, and no doubt I am biased towards my own clan, but the emblem of the three silhouetted, stylised swallows in a circle, seems to me one of the most beautiful of all the crests of Shar.
— Lord Akzasosan Suli

Suli crest pale green

Acknowledgement | Thanks to Tom Wilson <> for his invaluable assistance

So that one may know one’s own, and that others may know others…


Suli crest

Crest of the Suli

Sharian clan, Founding House of the Suli clan, natal clan of Lord Akzasosan Suli, lord returning from exile

Dustless artwork | cover to Comb, Volume 8

Cover design and artwork by Tom Wilson |

Tom Wilson is a graphic designer, currently living in Tokyo, Japan.
He can be contacted at the email address above.

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Dustless | Volume 8

It is not given to many to be there at the birth of new islands, to hear a mountain’s first cry…

DUSTLESS | Volume 7


DUSTLESS | Volume 7, Flowing House

ARTWORK | Tom Wilson, at Avent Design /